2018 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

2018 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

Oct 3, 2018 | The Human Family

2018 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

We’re excited to announce the official Jury selections for the 2018 Rethink Dance Film Festival. 20 incredible dance/film fusion works from artist from 8 different countries will be screened at the festival.


Local Filmmaker
Genre: Short Narrative
Runtime: 7
Directed by: Sean Coffman & Haylee Thompson
Location: Fargo, North Dakota (U.S.A.)

Will the power of addiction hold them back, or will they rise above?

The Red Shoes

Year: 2018
Genre: Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
Runtime: 3:21
Directed by: Alexey Smirnov
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation

A pretty girl buys the red shoes of her dream, but wearing new shoes has never been too easy…


Year: 2018
Genre: Animation / Experimental Film
Runtime: 6:50
Directed by: Anuradha Rana
Location: Chicago, Illinois (U.S.A.)

counter//balance explores memory and loss as choreographer, dancer, and musician craft a performance that balances the presence of each other with the absence of countless others before and after them.

The Gunpowder Mill


Year: 2018
Genre: Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
Runtime: 5:43
Directed by: Katherine Whetton
Location: Guildford, Surrey (United Kingdom)

A site-specific choreographed dance drama. The abstract narrative is drawn from research into local history and the WW1 heritage GunPowder Mill in Chilworth near Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom. Two male black dancers recreate the life-changing impact of military service. The erratic and uncanny movements represent the embodiment of shellshock and hidden memories and militarized trauma associated with the Gunpowder Mill.


Year: 2017
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 5:20
Directed by: Roswitha Chesher
Location: United Kingdom

A table, two chairs, some teacups… a lifetime together… Porcelain. A story of love, life and its many changes, meeting, sharing, caring, dependency, and loss. A couple show their story of how the strength of their relationship informs the way they adapt and accept a change brought on by a serious health issue.


Year: 2018
Genre: Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
Runtime: 4:30
Directed by: Anh Tú Nguyen
Location: Germany

“The music of Puccini is woven of universal humanity,
of limpid simplicity, of passion, torment, youth,
and sorrow that cannot be spoken.”
(Giuseppe Adami)


Year: 2018
Genre: Documentary Short Film
Runtime: 4:06
Directed by: Richard Gerst
Location: New York, New York (U.S.A.)

A visual sonata of French choreographer Brice Mousset using urban sounds as inspiration to express his balance between the stress of city living with his inner peace through dance.


Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 5:15
Directed by: Megan Mizanty
Location: Shippensburg, Pittsburg (U.S.A.)

In this film we explore the herstory of public sexualization and female resilience. The relationship between physical expression and public interaction is delicate, because it seems someone always has something to say about a woman walking by. As women we are forced to internalize the vast degrees of sexual trauma we experience everyday. The stories told in this film blossomed from a meditation on ‘cat calling’. Three women move through the day with the fear for their safety lurking in the background until their imaginations, birthed from their own personal traumas, take hold. Each character is forced to ask herself “am I safe?”

Gentle Encounter

Year: 2017
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 3:30
Directed by: Götz Raimund
Location: Austria

A waitress, dissatisfied with her life, unexpectedly receives comfort from a guest.

I am fine

Year: 2018
Genre: Animation / Experimental Film
Runtime: 4:00
Directed by: Victoria Donnet
Location: France

“I am fine” is a short film revealing the expression of our inner life in such a simple way, our facial expressions.
Just by looking at someone’s face with attention, you can discover his or her inner world. These facial dances are telling us how much we can handle deep inside. Despite all the waves that I am facing here and now, I am fine. What are we telling behind this sentence ”I am fine”? Maybe nothing but I am alive…

For Nelie and Maria

Local Filmmaker
Genre: Animation / Experimental Film
Runtime: 6:28
Directed by: Raymond Rea
Location: Moorhead, MN (U.S.A.)

An experimental improv dance film on sibling dynamics


Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 8:33
Directed by: Gaetan Boschini
Location: France

What will happen to her routine when she notices the little old man? Nivette, 28, gets up every morning with a feeling of unease, of mental fatigue, with a cloudy mind and a weak body. She is certain that she has caught Old Age.


Year: 2018
Genre: Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
Runtime: 5:12
Directed by: Marissa Moreno
Location: Santa Clarita, CA (U.S.A.)

A Japanese “enemy non-alien” recalled that during World War II, internees in the U.S. government-sanctioned Japanese concentration camps were only allowed to eat whatever they could fit in an aluminum pie tin.  “Gaman” – A Japanese tenet meaning “to endure the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.”

Tete de courbe

Year: 2018
Genre: Student Choreographers & Filmmakers
Runtime: 3:42
Directed by: Lada Iskanderova
Location: St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

The woman returns home. But the corridor begins to spin and wobble, preventing her.

The Sun is God

Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 8:01
Directed by: Charles Haswell
Location: London, Outside (United Kingdom)

1918 – A woman imagines her lover has returned from the horrors of war in France, remembering moments shared together. A tale of love and loss told through classical ballet.


Year: 2017
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 7:00
Directed by: Sveinung Gjessing
Location: Norway

Veer is a poetic dance short film about ruling and being ruled.

Red Tale

Year: 2017
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 5:00
Directed by: Natacha Thomas
Location: France

“Red Tale” is a dark fairy tale which opposed RED RIDING HOOD and BLUEBEARD in a dangerous tango of lights

“Curiosity, in spite of its appeal, often leads to deep regret….it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all”
–  Charles Perrault

The Return

Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 8:50
Directed by: Liudmila Komrakova
Location: St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

While waiting for his wife to come home a returning soldier looks through their belongings thinking about the happy past. How will their meeting be?

Challenging the Call

Year: 2018
Genre: Documentary Short Film
Runtime: 20:00
Directed by: Milik Robinson
Location: Charolette, North Carolina (U.S.A.)

“Challenging The Call” is a personal journey film about discovering one’s self worth while moving on from past pain. In this film, I set out to redefine what it means to be an athlete. As a child, I was one of the most promising dancers in my city. Years of being told to use my gifts for traditional athletics caused me to abandon my stage dreams. Years later, I’m looking back wondering if in my own way, I was an athlete after all.

Mother’s Balls

Year: 2018
Genre: Documentary Feature Film
Runtime: 48:12
Directed by: Camiel Zwart
Location: Netherlands

“Mother’s Balls” portrays Amber Vineyard, born in the United States and now living in Amsterdam, founder of the first Dutch ballroom house ‘House of Vineyard’. This ballroom is not about quickstep, fox trot or Viennese waltz, but about Vogue Fem, Runway and Sex Siren. Amber grew up in a strict American family where her creative outbursts were frowned upon. After she moved to The Netherlands with her mother at age 15, ballroom became a way for her to express herself. With her extravagant dance performances as Mother of the House of Vineyard, Amber not only gives her ‘kids’ the chance to express themselves and build up their self-esteem, but is also instrumental in putting ballroom and voguing on the international map.

The Rethink Dance Film Festival showcases artist in front of and behind the camera working to challenge the traditional structures of choreographic storytelling and artistic expression. Through art, the work of choreographers, dancers and filmmakers should inspire our communities to discover our shared humanity. Films screened at the festival reflect the beauty and synchronicity between the choreography of dance with the choreography of cinematography.

The Rethink Dance Film Festival is a partnership between the Rethink Dance Company and The Human Family.

The first annual 2018 Rethink Dance Film Festival on Tuesday, October 16th at The Fargo Theatre. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and screening of dance films from choreographers and filmmakers from around the world will begin at 7:00.

The festival will also be home to the world-premiere of “RISE”, a new dance for film project by Haylee Thompson and Sean Coffman featuring Jodi Davis and Hailey Wilmer.

“RISE” and the Rethink Dance Film Festival were made in possible in part through an Individual Arts Partnership Grant from The Arts Partnership.

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