NDHRFF18 Grand Forks Evening Schedule

NDHRFF18 Grand Forks Evening Schedule

Oct 12, 2018 | NDHRFF

Thursday, November 8, 2018

evening SCREENING | 6:00 – 10:00 PM
The Empire arts center | Grand forks, North Dakota
$12 in advance | $15 at the door | $2 seniors and students

What is Human?

2018 | 5 min
Genre: Short Narrative
Language(s): English
Directed by: Jake Bergen
Country of Origin: Canada

A victim of a war-ravaged past, an auntie in an African orphanage sees history repeating itself in the lives of the children she cares for, and considers life as she looks at a new generation of children dealing with age-old problems.
Director's Statement

‘What Is Human?’ is one of four short films that are part of The Human Project, a film series that utilizes narrative film, animation, teaching and historical examples to explore culturally relevant questions about what it means to be human.

Are You Volleyball?!

2017 | 15 min
Genre: Short Narrative
Language(s): Arabic, English
Directed by: Mohammad Bakhshi
Country of Origin: Iran

A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can’t keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups.
Director's Statement
The main concept of the film story starts from a game. I decided to direct the story to a point where the kid’s game turned the border wires into volleyball net. I wanted to pitch an alternative idea of creating walls of peace and friendship, not a border of concrete.

Dak’toká Taíno

(I Am Taíno)

2018 | 13 min
Genre: Short Narrative
Language(s): Spanish
Directed by: Alba Enid García
Country of Origin: United States

A young Taíno girl, Marabelí, visits her grandma, Abuela Yaya after Hurricane María. Marabelí expresses her fears of survival, while Abuela Yaya comforts and reminds her of their resilient Taíno ancestors and challenging history. This film warmly reflects in the future of Puerto Ricans as an indigenous society.
Director's Statement
It is my duty to represent my Puerto Rican, Taíno first nation brothers and sisters via my filmmaking voice. I thank Heather Henson and Ibex Puppetry for giving me the opportunity to bring this film to life and shed light on the injustices Puerto Rican people are facing everyday for the last 100 years. Thank you Handmade Puppet Dreams Series for hosting our film I am Taíno. Please see our article on CNN LATINO, September 28 2018.

Mrs. Schneider

2018 | 10 min
Genre: Short Narrative
Language(s): English
Directed by: Michael Matheson Miller
Country of Origin: United States

In 1950s Brooklyn, a young boy’s idyllic childhood is changed after a simple interaction with his Jewish neighbor.

This Is Home: A Refugee Story

2018 | 1 hour 31 min
Genre: Feature Documentary
Language(s): English
Directed by: Alexandra Shiva
Country of Origin: United States

“This is Home” is an intimate portrait of four Syrian refugee families arriving in America and struggling to find their footing. Displaced from their homes and separated from loved ones, they are given eight months of assistance from the International Rescue Committee to become self-sufficient.  As they learn to adapt to challenges, including the newly imposed travel ban, their strength and resilience are tested.  It is a universal story, highlighted by humor and heartbreak, about what it’s like to start over, no matter the obstacles.

After surviving the traumas of war, the families arrive in Baltimore, Maryland and are met with a new set of trials. They attend cultural orientation classes and job training sessions where they must “learn America” – everything from how to take public transportation to negotiating new gender roles – all in an ever-changing and increasingly hostile political environment. Their goals are completely relatable: find a job, pay the bills, and make a better life for the next generation.

We witness the families’ struggles and triumphs up close through the drama of everyday life. Through intimate access, this cinema vérité film takes a fresh look at the classic American immigration story and challenges us to see past differences to find common ground. “This is Home” goes beyond the statistics, headlines, and political rhetoric to tell deeply personal stories, putting a human face on the global refugee crisis.

Panel Discussion:

The Immigrant and Refugee Experience


Duration: 60 minutes with audience Q&A

Join us for a discussion about the Immigrant and Refugee Experience. In the midst of racial tensions in Grand Forks, the discussion will focus on dispelling the myths around immigration processes and services, and identify ways the Grand Forks community can become a welcoming community for all who call it home.

The mission of the North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival is to educate, engage, and facilitate discussion around local and world-wide human rights topics through the work of filmmakers and artist. 2018 is the second year for both the film and art festivals.

In 2018, the film festival will take place in three cities in North Dakota: In Grand Forks, North Dakota on Thursday, November 8 at the historic Empire Arts Center; in Bismarck, North Dakota on Tuesday, November 13 at the North Dakota Heritage Center and State Museum; and for two nights in Fargo, North Dakota on Thursday, November 15 and Friday, November 16 at the historic Fargo Theatre in Fargo, North Dakota.

Tickets to the festival are $12 in advance and $15 at the door, and $2 for Seniors and Students.

The 2018 North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival is made possible through the generosity of the City of Fargo’s Human Relations Commission, the City of Fargo’s Native American CommissionThe Arts Partnership and the Awesome Foundation: Cass Clay, and through partnerships with Lutheran Social Services of North Dakota, the NDSU Memorial Gallery, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition.





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