Frequently Asked Questions about the North Dakota Human Rights Film & Arts Festival.

FAQs for filmmakers and artist considering a submission to the North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival


How are “human rights” defined?

The North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival defines human rights through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)the foundation of international human rights law. The declaration begins by recognizing the equal inalienable rights of all people, and through a series of Articles outlines the protections each individual has inherently. The also festival draws guidance from documents such as the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols. If you are unsure of whether or not your work may qualify for the festival, email inquiry@human-family.org.


What is the NDHRFF looking for?

The NDHRFF is looking for a diverse range of innovative and creative films and artwork that embrace the principles of the UDHR by: Capturing the spirit of the declaration; Showcasing the champions of human rights work; Documenting human rights abuses around the world.


Do works or artist need to be from North Dakota?

Filmmakers and artist do not need to be from North Dakota. The North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival is accepting films and artwork from around the world. The only requirement for submitting a piece of work to the festival is that the work be related to human rights.


I’m under 18. Can I submit my film to the NDHRFF?

The NDHRFF encourages filmmakers and artist of all ages to submit their works to the festival. If you are under 18, you will need to have your parent or guardian’s consent to submit your work. Consent forms are available for download at www.ndhrff.org and should be emailed to submissions@human-family.org.


How do I submit my work?

To submit your work, consider your art medium and follow the steps below:

Filmmakers: Filmmakers should submit their films via FilmFreeway. The NDHRFF prefers submitted films to be high quality secure online screeners. The NDHRFF does not download data or accept submissions outside of FilmFreeway. If FilmFreeway is not accessible within your country, please email submissions@human-family.org for additional instructions. Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring their films have undergone relevant technical and quality assurance prior to submission. Once the review process has taken place and if your work has been selected for the festival, filmmakers will receive a confirmation and additional instructions for a theatrical-release version of their work. If your film is selected, your theatrical screening file must arrive by November 10th, 2017.

Artist: If you are submitting artistic work to the festival, you should complete the following form with a high-resolution digital photograph of your work. Once the review process has taken place and if your work has been selected for the festival, artist will receive a confirmation and additional instructions for dropping off their art pieces prior to the festival.

Filmmakers and other artist should include in their synopsis a short statement regarding how human rights are relevant to their works (250 word limit).

The NDHRFF is not responsible for loss, delay of delivery or any damage to any submission material that is received. If we discover a technical problem with your submission and it is something needed to be addressed in final consideration for the festival, a NDHRFF representative will contact you to provide the opportunity to resubmit, pending available time and circumstance.


Is there a student rate for work submitted to the festival?

Yes, a student rate is available for work submitted to the festival. See the registration pages for either the film or arts festivals for additional information.


Are scholarships available for festival submissions?

The NDHRFF has a limited number of scholarships for the festival entrance fee available for filmmakers or artist experiencing financial hardships. Visit the scholarship page for additional information.


Does the festival consider works-in-progress?

The NDHRFF does consider works in progress, but your film or artistic work needs to be close to completion and if it is selected must be completed before November 1, 2017.


I’ve submitted my work to the festival. When will I know if my work has been selected for the festival?

All artist will receive an email confirmation of receipt of their work to the festival within two days of work submission. Your work will be reviewed by the festival Jury, and selections made. Artist will receive additional correspondence the week of October 16, 2017 regarding the status of the selection to the Festival. Those artist who have been selected will receive additional information at that time for instructions specific to the inclusion of their work at the festival.


I have additional questions. How can I find those answers?

If you have additional questions about submitting your work to the NDHRFF or on any other subject, email your question to inquiry@human-family.org and one of the festival’s representatives will respond within two business days.


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