The Eagle and the Condor

Award-winning filmmakers director Paulette Moore and producer Rebecca Kemble discuss their film, “The Eagle and the Condor.” From creation to discovery and impact, the filmmakers describe the film’s journey to-date, and the future plans for the story.

Recorded Friday, November 1, 2019
Moderator: Sean Coffman
Recorded: The State Heritage Center, Bismarck North Dakota

Human Trafficking in North Dakota

Annete Mennem, Director of the Native American Center at MSU, Maria Berlin, Executive Director of Hispanics Have a Voice Too, Tara Bjornson, Assistant Director of the Domestic Violence Crisis Center, Brandi Jude, Executive Director of Invisible Innocence, and James Falcon, Board Chair of Magic City Equality, speak about the human and labour trafficking crisis currently happening in North Dakota.

Recorded Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Moderator: Joe Skurzeweski
Recorded: Oak Park Theater, Minot, North Dakota


First-time filmmakers Gregory DeSaye and Chelsy Ciavarella engaged in a discussion about their feature-film debut, “Balkowitsch.” From conception to completion, the duo shared their experiences from the film. Special guest Shane Balkowitsch joined the conversation on the stage. 

Recorded Saturday, November 2, 2019
Moderator: Sean Coffman
Recorded: The State Heritage Center, Bismarck North Dakota



Reflections of Standing Rock

Listen to filmmakers Floris White Bull, Margaret Landin and water proector Layha Spoonhunter, and Teri Janis, Executive Director of the Water Protector Legal Collective, as they reflect a year out from the peaceful resistance to the installation of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Panelists shared their experience and their throughts on how communities can address oppression, injustice and climate change in North Dakota and beyond.

Recorded Friday, November 17, 2017
Moderator: Michael Yellow Bird, Ph.D.
Recorded: Fargo Theatre, Fargo North Dakota