Paul Noot


The Human Family presents Human Voices, a podcast featuring conversations from artists and filmmakers creating socially aware and relevant art.

In this episode, Paul Noot joins the show to discuss his mixed media work, “Unity of Worship.”

Paul is an artist, educator and co-founder of the Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative, and lives in Bismarck, North Dakota – where he joined us and this podcast was recorded just prior to the pandemic. In the discussion, Paul shares his motivation behind “Unity of Worship,” his thoughts on the power of art, and shares a little about the artists who call BDAC home.

“Unity of Worship” by Paul Noot

Today’s episode was produced, recorded and mixed by me, Sean Coffman. Series artwork by Leah Marie Ecklund. Soundtrack by Peter McIsaac Music. Human Voices was co-created by The Human Family and Oscar De Levon of Chamber Six Media.