Shane Balkowistch


The Human Family presents Human Voices, a podcast featuring conversations from artists and filmmakers creating socially aware and relevant art.

In this episode, photographer Shane Balkowitsch returns to discuss his work, “Standing For Us All.” The 8×10 glass ambrotype features a full-length portrait of climate change activist Greta Thunberg at Prairie Knights Casino, Fort Yates, North Dakota on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. The image was recognized by the Jury of the 2020 North Dakota Human Rights Arts Festival as this year’s “Photo of Cultural Significance.” The photo is currently archived at the U.S. Library of Congress.

Our special extended conversation with Shane discusses the creation of the piece and the controversy that developed in his home-town of Bismarck, North Dakota, when Shane’s intention to add a reproduction of the work to the downtown arts scene took the online community by storm.

This episode was produced, recorded and mixed by Sean Coffman; Executive Produced by Oscar de Leon. Series artwork by Leah Marie Ecklund; and soundtrack by Peter McIsaac Music.