the westphal human rights film & art grant program

The Westphal Human Rights Film & Art Grant Program provides funding for filmmakers and artists living in the state of North Dakota and in Moorhead, MN, to creating works that relate to the discussion of human rights, environmental rights or social justice.

All narrative and documentary filmmakers, and 2D, 3D and performance artists are invited to apply. Innovative and original projects are encouraged to apply.

The next round of funding will open in August, 2018. For updates about the program, join our mailing list.


  • Live in North Dakota or Moorhead, Minnesota.
  • Projects should relate to the discussion of human rights, social justice or environmental rights.

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pastor joe larson

Churches United for the Homeless “Tree of Life” Mosaic Dedication Reception | June, 2018

The Human Family is proud to support the dedication of the “Tree of Life” mosaic at Churches United for the Homeless. The culmination of a six-month community building project, over two dozen volunteers contributed over 300 hours of work to produce a piece of art that will be permanently displayed at the homeless shelter. Learn more.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” – Proverbs 13:12

documentarian samuel Sprynczynatyk

“Kindred Creatures” Documentary | November, 2017

The Human Family is proud to support the work of documentary filmmaker Samuel Sprynczynatyk. “Kindred Creatures” explores the personalities & ways of life of the animals used in animal agriculture. The documentary explores their personalities, the bonds they share with humans, similarities between them and other animals, and where the animals came from.

“A lot of these animals came from very bad places. They have to take time to heal and to trust again.” – Kindred Creatures.

Documentarian justin deegan

Oceti Sakowin Camp Retrospective | November, 2017

The Human Family is proud to support a retrospective of the Oceti Sakowin Camp of 2016 near the Standing Rock Sioux Territory. This is a human rights project designed to show the world how the members of the Oceti Sakowin Camp know themselves to exist as Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. This is a project designed from with in the camp circle. Often times our stories are told from the outside looking in. This story is told from the inside looking out. This is the Indigenous Peoples of America, telling their own story.




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