FARGO, N.D. (August 15, 2017) – Social justice activist Adam Martin of the non-profit organization F5 Project joins the list of human rights champions chronicled in the documentary book, exhibition and film series “Those Among Us: The Human Rights Champions of North Dakota Volume 1.”

F5 Project helps to coordinate services and provide personal support in order to deter repeat offenses. F5 Project believes that what happens in one’s past doesn’t need to determine one’s future. F5 Project helps the transitioning of returning citizens from confinement to a new life through support with on-going communication, safe and affordable housing, employment, healthy socialization, and drug and alcohol treatment counseling.  Currently F5 serves former offenders of Cass County, ND.

F5 Project was founded in 2016 by Adam Martin, a former inmate. Martin also acts as the organization’s President. After serving time and realizing the lack of services once released from prison, Martin realized that if communities were unable to help break the cycle in an individual’s life that led them to crime, the community would fail.  If a community was able to provide continued support when returning citizens leave confinement, the community has a greater chance of positively impacting a former inmate’s life by leveling barriers.  That benefits both the community, as well as the former offender.

“Those Among Us: The Human Rights Champions of North Dakota Volume 1” is a multi-disciplinary media project documenting the human rights and social justice champions of North Dakota. Through portrait photographs, essays written by the participants and video interviews capturing discussions about the motivation behind and the importance of their work, “Those Among Us” strives to create a historical record of the important work currently taking place in North Dakota.

The completed project will feature the glass wet-plate collodion photography of Shane Balkowitsch in book form and within a traveling gallery exhibition designed to promote the efforts in North Dakota to preserve and protect human rights. The project will also feature a documentary film series about human rights in North Dakota by independent filmmaker Sean Coffman.

“Those Among Us: the Human Rights Champions of North Dakota” is supported by Nostalgic Glass Wet Plate Studio, the North Dakota Human Rights Coalition and The Human Family, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the creation, support, promotion and distribution of human rights and social issue-based projects in North Dakota. For more information about “Those Among Us,” contact Executive Producer Sean Coffman at [email protected] or visit the project’s website,

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