Don Paul’s “A Mother’s Fortitude” on display at #NDHRFF17

Don Paul’s “A Mother’s Fortitude” on display at #NDHRFF17

Nov 4, 2017 | NDHRFF | 0 comments

Fargo based Artist Don Paul will have his work “A Mother’s Fortitude” on display at the North Dakota Human Rights Film and Arts Festival exhibition at the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo.

“A Mother’s Fortitude” was inspired by images of refugees escaping their dire circumstances. The copper, mahogany and scoria piece represents a woman with her child striding uphill against various obstacles.

Paul’s love of working with metal manifests itself in artistic works which are created by a combination of processes. These processes (whether jewelry or life sized sculptures) include casting, bending, forging, heating, rolling and the application of a patina. Utilizing these many variables each piece he makes is unique, especially when combined with natural materials such as exotic wood, bamboo, mica and coconut. This results in some of his pieces being purely decorative while others are functional as well. He also love to make art pieces from “found objects” which hopefully stimulate the viewer’s mind or fancy.

“A Mother’s Fortitude” will be on display at the Spirit Room in downtown Fargo, North Dakota, Monday, November 13 through Friday, January 5. A public reception and festival awards ceremony will be held at The Spirit Room on Saturday, November 18 from 5 to 7 p.m. Tickets for the artist reception are currently available for $10. Refreshments for the reception and awards ceremony  will be provided by Himalayan Yak.

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