2019 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

2019 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

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2019 Rethink Dance Film Festival Program Announced

The Jury is excited to share their selections for the 2019 Rethink Dance Film Festival. 9 incredible works fusing the art of cinematography and choreography will be screened at the Fargo Theatre on Tuesday, October 8, 2019. Artistry from 6 different countries will be represented at the festival.


Year: 2018
Genre: Short Narrative
Runtime: 5:59
Directed by: Guillaume Versteeg
Location: Netherlands

ICON is about the creating of an image, an unattainable icon of perfection that is pursued in vain. Again and again the characters in the film are confronted by this.

In the world that they created, they discover their imperfections and project this on the icon they designed. They give her the shape they can not attain, a shape of this perfect image that can last only briefly.

An endless practice in repetition, in increased expectations, in the self-imposed expectation of perfection that can never be fully achieved.

T.I.A. (THIS is Africa)

Year: 2015
Genre: Narrative Short
Runtime: 7:16
Directed by: Matthieu Maunier-Rossi
Location: Congo / France

Aïpeur Foundou is a Congolese dancer and choreographer. Amidst some popular areas of Brazzaville, he shows us a possible way to freedom.

Intrinsic Moral Evil

Year: 2013
Genre: Narrative Short
Runtime: 10:00
Directed by: Harm Weistra
Location: Netherlands

INTRINSIC MORAL EVIL seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations.

The layered story gradually develops. Revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start, the film invites the audience to make interpretations of its own.

Dancing in Silk

 Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary Short
Runtime: 27:10
Directed by: Magali An Berthon
Location: United States

DANCING IN SILK tells the story of Khannia, a young Cambodian American dancer and instructor at Khmer Arts Academy, who lives in the ethnic neighborhood of Cambodia Town in Long Beach, CA.

Khannia has taken up the responsibility to pass on her knowledge of Khmer classical ballet, a millennium-old practice that has nearly disappeared under the Khmer Rouge regime.

In her studio, a young generation of Cambodian-Americans, mostly young girls who grew up far from their roots, reconnect with their identity and reveal themselves through movement, costumes, and community. Khmer dance offers them a transformative experience into spirituality and womanhood.

This documentary film follows the dance troupe on its emotional and artistic journey which culminates with a performance on stage.

The Stop

Year: 2019
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 4:57
Directed by: Komrakova Liudmila
Location: Russian Federation

After a dispute in the car, a woman exits and goes to the bus stop. There she meets another and it is love at first sight – until the driver returns…


Year: 2019
Genre: Narrative Short
Runtime: 2:27
Directed by: Camila Saldarriaga
Location: Spain

A short film about resilience and the power of imagination, starring Paulina Dávila.

Sirens Tango

Year: 2018
Genre: Narrative Short Film
Runtime: 11:36
Directed by: Lisa Le Lievre
Location: United States

A series of men are lured to their destruction where they engage in a steamy tango with a seductive dance partner.

With a lush musical score, Jazz Age costumes, and visually striking cinematography, this evocative short film uses the tango as a metaphor for life’s tempting interruptions.

Breathing Spaces

Year: 2019
Genre: Student Choreographers and Filmmakers
Runtime: 8:23
Directed by: Carolyn Pampalone Rabbers
Location: United States

How does your breath affect you, your relationships, and your choices? Do you let yourself breathe?


Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary Feature Film
Runtime: 54:40
Directed by: Nicholas Rowe
Location: New Zealand

Do we shape cities, or do cities shape us?

Award-winning community dance artist Nicholas Rowe journeys through seven cities to explore how very diverse dancers respond to their urban landscapes.

Filmed in Laos, Fiji, Lebanon, Italy, Palestine, Finland and Australia, this dance film weaves performances from marginalized community groups, to question how creating dances together can foster a sense of belonging.

The Rethink Dance Film Festival showcases artist in front of and behind the camera working to challenge the traditional structures of choreographic storytelling and artistic expression. Through art, the work of choreographers, dancers and filmmakers should inspire our communities to discover our shared humanity. Films screened at the festival reflect the beauty and synchronicity between the choreography of dance with the choreography of cinematography.

The Rethink Dance Film Festival is a partnership between the Rethink Dance Company and The Human Family.

The second annual 2019 Rethink Dance Film Festival on Tuesday, October 8th at The Fargo Theatre. Doors open at 6:30 p.m., and screenings of dance films from choreographers and filmmakers from around the world will begin at 7:00.

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