Festival at Plains Art Museum promotes human rights through different mediums

January 13, 2020

3 Festival at Plains Art Museum promotes human rights through different mediums

This story was originally airs on WDAY on January 13, 2020. The original story can be found online here. By Tanner Robinson / WDAY

FARGO — Almost 70 local artists are telling their stories of frustration through their art.

The third annual Human Rights Arts Festival is happening at the Plains Art Museum, where issues like LGBT rights, civil rights and social justice are being told through paintings, statues and videos. The festival is hosted by The Human Family, a North Dakota nonprofit dedicated to promoting human rights through the arts.

Sean Coffman, the executive director of Human Family and the host of the exhibit, said he enjoys giving a platform for artists to express themselves in their own ways.

“When we can lift up those issues, and help the community understand those issues from a different perspective, I think it’s really, really important,” he said.

Coffman said this year’s festival features the largest group of artists since it started in 2018, and he hopes it appeals to people who learn through all different mediums.

The exhibit will be on the museum’s third floor until the end of January.



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