Free Access to Eductors for the NDERFF

Free Access to Eductors for the NDERFF

Mar 24, 2021 | NDERFF | 0 comments

FARGO, N.D. (MARCH 24, 2021) – Educators throughout North Dakota can receive a free All-Access Pass to the upcoming North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival for use in classroom or other educational settings. The All-Access pass provides access to over 40 films from 13 countries, filmmaker Q&As, and panel discussions. Each film and discussion brings awareness to the wide-ranging issues and connections between the climate, environmental rights, human rights, and social justice.

“There are a number of important films in the festival,” said Sean Coffman, Executive Director of The Human Family and Festival Director for the event. “The filmmakers intentionally made their films accessible for students, and we’re thrilled to be able to make these films available for study. From lessons about the history of and importance of the Clean Air Act or the protection of our waterways to the impacts of the loss of our native prairie lands, the films speak directly to issues that directly impact North Dakotans.”

To receive an All-Access Pass to the festival, educators need to complete an online form accessible at The form may also be accessed at the festival’s website at

The mission of the North Dakota Human Environmental Rights Film Festival is to educate, engage, and facilitate discussion around local and world-wide environmental rights, animal rights, or climate change topics through the work of filmmakers and artists. This is the first year of the festival.

43 films from 13 countries have been selected to screen as part of the festival. NDERFF will take place leading up to and through Earth Day, April 11-25, 2021. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the festival will stream online using the Eventive platform. Due to the ongoing pandemic, all films and conversations will be available on-demand, allowing attendees to experience these important conversations from the comfort and safety of their homes or classrooms using their tablets, computers, or AppleTV or Roku devices.

Tickets and passes go on sale to the general public on Wednesday, March 31.

Learn more about the festival at

The North Dakota Environmental Rights Film Festival was founded and is managed by The Human Family, a North Dakota-based 501(c)(3) committed to bringing attention to human rights and social justice through the work of filmmakers and artists. Learn more at

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The Human Family

The Human Family promotes human rights and social justice through film and art.


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